Boiler / Hydronic Heating Systems

After a long day of work, everyone wants to go home. The 2 things that make a house a home is your family and warmth. You’ve heard terms like “a fire by the hearth”, meaning that your house becomes your home when there’s a fire in the hearth. Warmth produces feelings of safety and comfort, and in the modern day, the best way to achieve that feeling is with a hydronic heating system.

Hydronic heating systems are efficient for your family. The water is heated by a boiler and spreads warmth throughout your home by running through the pipes that are distributed throughout your home, ensuring that each room is comfortably heated.


The technicians of Gray’s Mechanical have years of experience in installing hydronic heating systems in your home.  We demonstrate pride and skill with each installation, and we know that no home is the same, and that time after time we produce a service that leaves every customer satisfied.

Utilizing a hydronic heating system in your home is a sure-fire way in the modern day and age to produce the warmth that makes your house a home. Not only that, hydronic heating will provide a healthier environment any family member with strong allergies, or who suffer from asthma. Hydronic heating works silently in the background, so you will never hear a thing, and operates on a closed loop system, meaning there is very little heat loss.

Our HVAC technicians are trained to install these systems as quickly as possible, without compromising quality. If you already have a hydronic heating system installed, there could be a need of routine maintenance. Our Comfort Specialists are equipped with the proper training and tools needed to return your heating system to optimal performance.


No hardware has been able to withstand the test of time. Gray’s Mechanical also specializes in the repair of all heating systems, and are well versed in repairing hydronic heating systems. Even if you routinely maintain your systems and flush your pipes, repairs will still be needed.

Repairing a hydronic heating system is like any system. Every Comfort Specialist is an expert problem solver and will locate and resolve any issues in your system with little to no hassle to you, getting your heating system back up and running in no time.

Gray’s Mechanical wants to prevent mid-season breakdowns. We know that heating systems don’t tend to break down in the summer, most of the time they fail when the weather is coldest. Don’t risk the comfort and warmth of your home by neglecting your heating system. Let Gray’s Mechanical ensure that you are comfortable year-round.

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It has been our number highest priority since the inception of this company to provide top quality HVAC services and customer service to our customers.